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Thread: Gentoo Install Time

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    Gentoo Install Time

    I started installing Gentoo on my laptop this afternoon. I used the stage-1 package. How long hsould it take until I have a fully functional system with KDE?

    The machine is a Dell Laptop with a P4 -1.6 , 512 of RAM. Hard drive is 4200rpm I think.

    Will this be done by Monday morning?

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    [quote author=trickster link=board=7;threadid=7340;start=#67604 date=1057366673]
    Will this be done by Monday morning?

    Close. Unless you screw up something and have to spend a lot of time getting it fixed.

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    That's scary!!

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    Yeah it's honestly frightening how big some of these projects are. Notable entries include, which takes over a day to compile on an AMD 1GHz T-Bird, and KDE which also takes a good 12 hours.

    Now before you go compiling your system, make sure you have your USE flags set! Ask if you don't know what they are, but before you go compiling for a few days you should definitely select which flags you want by typing "ufed" as root.

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    um....I just edited the make.conf and removed comments on some things there. Should that be enough?

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    The gist of USE flags is this: when you compile an application, sometimes there's optional support included (eg, perhaps during the install you'll configure --with-gnome or --with-kde to add in kde or gnome support. This is what USE flags do. If you have, for example, the "gnome" use flag set, all applications that can take advantage of gnome do so.
    Try running "ufed." That's a list of use flags you can set. Set whatever ones you want to set. Trust me, you want to do this. Compiling XFree without freetype support looks like the dog's breakfast, but with freetype support is just pants-changing beautiful.
    Oh and one other thing. I've heard it rumoured that to get X looking sexy you have to manually include the "smooth" USE flag in addition to the freetype flag in /etc/make.conf or make.globals or whatever you're supposed to edit. Lovechild will probably be able to confirm (he seems to be the go-to guy for gentoo round these parts).

    EDIT: I myself have just hosed a gentoo install (damn hardware failure), and am currently going through what you're going through. I just tried ufed and it seems not to exist. Try an "emerge ufed" to install it, then give it a run.

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    Allright, I will try that. However, I may be late already, because last night I emerged kde before going to bed, so I am assuming that would have pulled XFree also. Oh well...

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    Gentoo is faster to install than people make it out to be.

    Just leave it over night to do the big stuff and you won't notice the larger compile jobs... now insane people like me like to look at all the pretty scrolling text so we watch it, but others just sleep or do house work while it finishes.

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    That's cool. If your fonts look like kak when you start kde, then set the flags and re-merge XFree. It'll compile with the new flags and replace your old instantiation. You might be ok though. The default use flags aren't bad, but there are a few key ones that I like and that it lacks (like choosing gtk2 over gtk). Anyway let us know how gentoo works out for you! As for me, I'm on my way to a new RH9 system with XD2. W00t!

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    Re:Gentoo Install Time

    I like this distro. Is working quite fast. However, there is something I can't figure out. I'm using a laptop, and I am not getting apm support, or the apm executable that tells you about the battery life. I compiled apm support for apm on the kernel. I know that, in both Slackware and RH, there is an apm executable, but I can't find it here. Would it be part of some package? I tried emerge apm, but nothing... ???

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