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Thread: error opening /dev/dsp

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    error opening /dev/dsp

    I have mandrake 9.1. and SiS 7012 chip. the OS recognizes it. but at startup a message comes "error in opening /dev/dsp ". writing to null device. so, that song plays in XMMS but no sound is there.
    someone suggest me to write $chmod 755 /dev/dsp.
    but I don't find any file or directory named /dev/dsp in my system. then how can I create it?

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    drake uses devfs - this means that that a kernel module needs to be loaded before it will work - can you please post the contents of /etc/modules.conf - thx

    btw welcome to linux junior

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    the contents of /etc/modules.conf is :-

    probeall scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi
    probeall usb-interface usb-ohci
    above snd-intel8x0 snd-pcm-oss
    alias sound-slot-0 ali5455

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp


    Just a quick note, since PBHarris is already helping you with the module;

    chmod 755 /dev/dsp will give the owner of dsp (root) full rights, and everyone else read and write rights. While this will work, it is considered a quick and dirty way of doing it, since it might be a security risk. I personally don't think that it will matter much on a home box, but if you wanted to learn the "correct" (more secure really, and easier to administer on a multiuser environment), you can take a look at thislink. Is a Google cache of the original site, because the site seems to be down.

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    I use ArchLinux, which also uses devfs. I have not used Drake9.1, so I don't know if this will work exactly, but this is what needs to be done in Arch to get sound working for everyone:

    In your /etc/devfsd.conf file, add the two following lines to the end:
    REGISTER sound/.* PERMISSIONS root.users 660
    REGISTER snd/.*   PERMISSIONS root.users 660
    Note that you only need to add the second line if you are using alsa.


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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    when i change the permissions of /dev/dsp to 777 from root but still the sound doesn't come. after logout and log into other user it shows the file attrib as old rw-------.
    it seems the permissions 777 don't work after logout.

    help me. how to change the permissions of /dev/dsp to 777 permanently.

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    On a text editor, open /etc/rc.local, and add the line chmod 777 /dev/dsp

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    oh tickster it did not work. /dev/dsp has been created by mknod. but the permissions are not changing permanently. even when it changes (for the current login only,for that temporary period before logging out) i play song in XMMS it shows the song is playing but there is no sound.
    please tell me what to do?

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    If you issue the command /sbin/chmod 777 /dev/dsp* /dev/mixer manually, from a terminal, as root, does it work?

    Also, if you go to /etc , do you see a file called devfsd.conf?

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    Re:error opening /dev/dsp

    /dev/dsp does not need to be mod 777, if it is 660 (rw-rw----) and you are in the group for audio then it should be okay -

    if the device is there, i.e. /dev/dsp exists and the modules are loaded, i.e. sound, snd-intel8x0 ali5455 then audio should be working - turn the volume up and try cat /usr/share/sounds/generic.wav > /dev/dsp

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