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Thread: Difference in programming??

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    Difference in programming??

    Hi guys. There are a few programming questions that i have. I'm going to ask these questions because i'm going to go to college really soon and get a degree in Computer Science. What is the difference in the following??

    Object-Oriented Programming with C++
    Programming with Visual Basic
    Programming with Java

    What is the difference and what OS's are they used on?? It does'nt matter wheter you tell me this course is not for me because i think i will enjoy it. I'm good in math and it's in the mathematics department. Please reply back with some help. Thanks guys.

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    Re:Difference in programming??

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    What do you mean?? I ask a simple question. What is the difference between those programming and what OS's are they used on?? Redhead i have no clue what you said. Can someone else please read over my previous post and answer the question for me?? Please reply back. Thanks.

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    First of all, I am not a programmer. But, I have dabbled a little bit. So, I may answer your questions a bit incorrectly. If so, please correct me guys.

    Java...this language is similar to C (C++ is related to C as well). It tends to be cpu/OS agnostic, unless you compile the bytecode to run natively (instead of using the more typical virtual machine). The virtual machine simply interprets the Java bytecode and translates it into something that Sun Solaris on a Sparc or MacOS X on PPC or Windows on x86 can understand. Thus, you write your bytecode once, but it can run on just about anything that has a proper VM. It is a matter of "write once, run everywhere". The beauty of this language seems to be that if you are familiar with C or C++, you should be able to pick up Java fairly quickly and the reverse should be true, as well.

    VisualBasic is a Microsoft program that I believe only allows you to program for Windows.

    Can't answer the first question.

    Secondly, redhead provided you with links to some good information. Try to take the time to read the tutorials through. I'm sure that they will provide you with some great info.


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    Re:Difference in programming??

    I think that RedHead's links answer those questions, if you care to read them.

    Visual Basic is a Windows application development plataform, as far as I know.

    Java is OS independent, so an application coded in Java could run in any OS that has java support, including some cell phones.

    object-oriented programming
    A type of programming in which programmers define not only the data type of a data structure, but also the types of operations (functions) that can be applied to the data structure. In this way, the data structure becomes an object that includes both data and functions. In addition, programmers can create relationships between one object and another. For example, objects can inherit characteristics from other objects.

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    To build on what others have said ...

    [warning: Confusing am I. Yes?]

    Object-Oriented Programming with C++
    Object-Oriented Programming (refered to as OO or OO Programming) is exactly as trickster said. Here is a plain english example ...

    Class: Bike
    Variables: Wheel1, Wheel2, Body, StiringWheel
    Methods: Forward, Backward, Stop, Turn, Wreck

    Using the above information we can make a Huff class by extending the above.

    Class: Huffy
    Extends: Bike
    Variables: CheapPaint, CrotchBar
    Methods: Break

    The Huffy class, because it extends the Bike class, gets all the methods and variables from the Bike class. These classes are just blueprints for objects. Now that we know how to make Huffies we can make them.

    Huffy MyHuffy = new::Huffy;
    Huffy YourHuffy = new::Huffy;

    Now we have two Objects, YourHuffy and MyHuffy.


    I wrecked into you. The basic idea in OO is that it is eaiser to imagine objects and work with them than it is to work with functions all the time.

    Programming with Visual Basic
    Visual Basic is a Windows only application scripting language similar to AppleScript or TCL/Tk.

    Programming with Java
    Java is an OO Language that is compiled into bytecode alowing it to be run on any machine that has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). I could write a application using Java with my Linux box, compile it, and run it on my Apple or Windows boxes.

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    lol, nice example Ashcrow.

    Yeah what they all said was true, except, I know VB, so I might as well give you some info.

    VB is VERY powerful for Windows Platforms, and is RAD (Rapid Application Development) since you drag and drop objects, labels, buttons, etc and then code stuff about those buttons, labels, etc. However, VB is high level (meaning it has to go through a lot of instructions to get down to the microprocessor) which makes it slower than C/C++.

    Java - they explained it - I have no comments

    OOP C/C++ - No comments

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    [quote author=dsantamassino link=board=9;threadid=7324;start=0#67511 date=1057190326]Redhead i have no clue what you said. Can someone else please read over my previous post and answer the question for me?? Please reply back. Thanks.
    Sorry if I was a bit lagging in info, but as you all might noticed lately I havn't had the time to be as elaborate as some of you might want over the past week .. eh... month.. eh.. did a year just go by? But on the other hand, I finished my PhD on may 25th.

    I think the others have answered your question to the fullest, but to sum it up.

    Object oriented, create an object which holds the possible actions/data it can perform/require inside of it, if you have another object needing kinda the same actions, derive them from the first object and overwrite/alter the parts that needs to, in order to fit the new object.
    C++ is a further development of C, with the possibility to have objects, it provides you with the choice to use native C calls where you can get down and dirty in direct connection to the hardware, but if you're not as interested in shooting your self in the foot, you can chose to use classes (objects) and blow your whole leg of in one swift move.

    C/C++ is system dependent, which means one binary compiled on one OS will not run under another one, but if you keep it ANSI, then you will be able to move the source code around and compile on varius OS's.

    A C/C++ like (inspired?) language, which runs as bit code on a runtime library. It gives you the ability to move the binaries around, since the system dependent parts are hidden in the runtime library, and the bit code only knows about a well known instruction set it can talk to the runtime library with ie
    System.print("hello world"
    How ever this comes with a small cost regarding to the execution time compared to a system specific compilation/uptimization. But who cares in these days, when you have a Thunderbird 2100+ (or what ever the race in cpu power is at, at this point in time)

    Visual Basic
    Something microshaft thought of, as the new thing to take over the world as the leading programming language. It integrates well with the microsoft OS, but thats just about it, orriginaly build on Basic, with the "what you see is what you created" drag and drop interface.
    But creating realtime programs under it is close to impossible, but hey realtime and MS, do they even go together in any form ??

    Sorry again if I've upset anyone with my brute force of nature, but thats just me.
    - So take it or leave it.

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    I really have nothing to add to the discussion because everyone else have pretty much answered it. I just wanted to say Congrats on the PhD redhead. Good Going

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    Yeah, congrats! 8)

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