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Thread: Difference in programming??

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    [quote author=redhead link=board=9;threadid=7324;start=0#67533 date=1057221715]

    Visual Basic
    Something microshaft thought of, as the new thing to take over the world as the leading programming language.

    So true. They have been trying to get more people to use it for years. I had VisualBasic 3 when I was in middle school and even then I didn't like it.

    orriginaly build on Basic, with the "what you see is what you created" drag and drop interface.
    But if you use it don't expect t \o be able to port your old BASIC program code into VB, it's not compatible.

    but hey realtime and MS, do they even go together in any form ??
    Exactly. You can't even count ticks or cycles on a Windows based system without the anoying 10x bug (can count 10,20,30 but not any smaller). The only Windows OS that isn't affected is 2k.

    Congrats on the PhD redhed!!

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    Re:Difference in programming??

    Thanks for all the information. Some time in this fall i will started with college to major in Computer Science and of course it's in the Mathematics Department. lots of programming and math. Well thanks again.

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