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Thread: Gates on Linux

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    Gates on Linux

    William "Bill" Gates III has given an exclusive interview to USA Today. He addresses such topics as Linux, Spam, and what he does at MS.

    "Linux is the current OS competition, but it's no more threatening than OS/2. Remember OS/2?"
    Spin control at it's finest.

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    wow - that is mighty guttzy, even for him. kinda like saying "Hey IBM - you suck really really bad"

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    OS/2 was exellent... I can't recall why I replaced it with Windows... but I actually have the orignal somewhere, Warp I think it was called.

    But that interview is basically - we have a new version of Windows coming out, it's going to be great but we can't tell you why... because we haven't figured out which features to rip off yet.. Steve isn't done playing with KDE and Mac OS X.

    Also why listen to Bill, he's nothing but a marketing guy anymore, I bet he hasn't coded in ages. He's a great poster guy though, boy genius and all... bah..

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    First, I work for a very large bank. Say.... almost 100,000 employees. We never used OS2. We used NEXT and it's still around here and being used. NEXT was a pretty good OS. One difference between OS2 and Linux is the Linux community. I don't remember very many people getting behind OS2 like they are to Linux. I'm not talking companies, I'm talking about you and I. Which in turn will mean Linux in companies. I think that he is either dilusional or just BSing. On the good side, he's talking about it, which tells me that there is more Linux conversations going on behind the scenes than he admits to. Go Linux!

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    Im still trying to figure out where he picked up OS/2 as a valid analogy

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=19;threadid=7317;start=0#67420 date=1057012432]

    Also why listen to Bill, he's nothing but a marketing guy anymore, I bet he hasn't coded in ages. He's a great poster guy though, boy genius and all... bah..

    I don't think Gates ever coded anything (at least nothing that ever mattered)- he bought DOS.

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    "USA TODAY: Do you get spam?

    Oh, yeah. I get more spam than anyone I know. I don't know how much the president gets but yes. I have a trivial set of software that I've written that understands the idea of whitelists and blacklists."

    Sure you did Bill. Sure you did.

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    Do you get hate mail ?

    More than anyone else..... [I believe ya - moron]

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    Warp was version 3. I remember 2.X being slow and bloated but 3 was pretty gnarly and lightweight and 4. 4 was perfection in an OS that doesn't require self compilations.

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    Re:Gates on Linux

    hehe, Bill funny.
    Lets see, my dad worked for Chrysler, and he told me there was one system in peticular that was running year round, and only came down to move it from one room to another. Good luck seeing Windows even last a day or 2.
    Oh, and Napa autoparts stores, they run a Linux/unix server and maybe half dozen dumb terminals every day. It runs databases, inventory, billing, telnet updates, daily tape backups, all on a text front end. The end of one day, windows will most likely barf due to memory leaks.
    Besides some little differences between OS/2 & Linux.
    OS/2 to my knowedge was pretty much commercial (IBM didn't like to share, just like MS). As mentioned, Linux has a large community following. OS/2 was kind of a fad that didn't really go anywhere. I had one of the early versions of Warp, and I liked it. It was mostly GUI, but something crashed, oh well.... You had to work hard to make the os crash, and when it did, it did it HARD. I'm kind of sorry it didn't stay, I probably would have run in it place of windows for day to day use.
    Linux not major competition... Sounds like Bill don't get out much. ;D

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