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Thread: trying to install k3b

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    It means you have to enable scsi emulation for your cd-rw, and load it at bootup. You will need to recompile your kernel.

    Kernel Compile How-To

    IDE CD Writer How-To

    How to enable SCSI emulation on the kernel configuration

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    hmm... is it like that with all of the cd writer programs?

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    As far as I know it is. The module ide-scsi should be automatically loaded with slack 9. You'll need to add
    append = "hd*=idescsi" to your lilo.conf file.
    Where * is either a, b,c or d depending on what your CD is. That should enable it, and then your cdrom device will probably be /dev/sr0. HTH as well

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    Theoretically, the latest cdrecord works with IDE/ATAPI devices. However, unless you want to burn from the command line, you have to enable SCSI emulation; as far as I know, all the gui's for cd burning require it.

    CP is right, though. You *might*not need to recompile your kernel. Try just adding append=" hdc=ide-scsi hdd=ide-scsi" to your /etc/lilo.conf, then reboot and start the application again.

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    well i edit the lilo and it works now. but when i go to burn the cd it gives me an error saying

    : error while decoding audio tracks

    i am using mp3s, should i use only wavs?

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    I'm just guessing, but perhaps you don't have an mp3 decompressor installed. Try the wav files.

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    what is a mp3 decompressor i could download? i will try wavs......

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    Re:trying to install k3b

    I think Arson fits your needs better than k3b.

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