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Thread: Disabling the monitor??

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    Disabling the monitor??

    Hi team,

    Maybe this is not the place for this question... but how to disable the monitor detection during startup??

    I'm using RedHat 9 on a PIII without a monitor. I'm accessing Gnome remotely on the LAN via Exceed.... when start the machine without the monitor I can't access the machine like it isn't there! it seems it is looking for or there is message which I can't read saying something...


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    Re:Disabling the monitor??

    remove /etc/rc3.d/S05kudzu and /etc/rc5.d/S05kudzu. that should do it.

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    Re:Disabling the monitor??

    You shouldnt have to disable anything, it cant detect a montior really....I havent put a monitor on my server in like a year, never a prob......

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