I want to upgrade the CPU in my computer. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Ga-6veml socket 370. I have upgraded the bios to the latest F8 version, which means I can use the Intel Tualatin-series PIII and Celeron processors (not to mention the Via C3 processors) at up to 1.4ghz. My question is this: is there a website that compares the various cpu's? Tom's Hardware has one, but it doesn't include the VIA C3 models. I want to get the best price/performance ration that is possible (THG said that the 1.2 ghz Celeron was equivalent to a 1 ghz PIII). What I would like is to keep the comparisons to Tualatin-based Intel processors and the 133mhz fsb VIA C3 1ghz cpu. Any ideas?

Additional considerations: I'm not looking for raw power, as I don't have any real need for 3d. Price is the biggest consideration. I also would like to avoid having to re-register my copy of WinXP Home (I need windows for work related stuff). I also would like to keep my computer as quiet and cool as possible (which is a great benefit of my C3/800), since I use my computer is a true multi-media center (my tv tuner has a dvd/vcr combo attached to it) and I don't want a big noisey fan making it hard for me to listen to the audio.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to upgrade my video card to a 128mb PNY Verto GeForce FX 5200 PCI, the cpu to a minimum 1 ghz CPU, and an extra 256mb PC133 sdram chip for less than $200 (before shipping costs).