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Banking observation
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Thread: Banking observation

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    Banking observation

    In the last couple weeks I have been to my bank to open a few company accounts and couldnt help but laugh at the rediculous state of their workstations. As far as I could tell they were all win95 and running a novell client. I can say I saw them crash at least twice and slow to a crawl constantly, not to mention the time she had to redo the entire account entry because the first one dissappeared. I asked her if this is a constant issue and she confirmed it. It was laughable.

    Crazy thing is that this bank has the best customer service around. Otherwise, they are great.

    I just hope the entire bank isnt being run on W95. :shock:

    Its like watching your contractor show up to the job site with tonky toys.

    If I was good enough Id be pounding down the door of the bank president and lobby him to start using *n*x and give him a proposal for a pilot program. Seems like an opportunity for an enterprising Linux guru.

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    Maybe they arn't making any money, eh?

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    One of my old co-workers, a badass Debian guru, logged several years as an admin at a bank. My understanding is that their front-end workstations are a mish-mash of operating systems depending on which bank you're talking about (I mean...a lot of bank employees still use ancient terminals to interface with mainframes) but that almost all of them run Unix of some flavor or another as their back-end OS. When he quit to work for the company at which we worked together, his bank had been implimenting Linux in a big way to replace Solaris and AIX servers.

    Point is: however crappy their front-end customer interface computers are, I'll betcha they've got some big iron in the server room...

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    Do it could,nt hurt he may even take you up on the offer windows users haven't a clue thay have been so brainwashed that it is just a sad think.
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    what? Anyway, some of the banks around here still don't even had GUI's!!! My bank is pretty swish, with nice lcd's, and some of them even run Linux!
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