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Thread: Rg-58 Ethernet troubleshooting

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    Rg-58 Ethernet troubleshooting

    Ok, The network I am currently troubleshooting has Printer at the very end of the chain that currently does not work on this network. It does however work with the other network that it is tied into. The terminator's all measure 50 Ohms and the resisitance of the cable to ground is acceptable. There are 4 workstations and 6 servers connected to the ethernet. The only one that you cannot ping is the printer. Now, there is a transceiver that converts the medium from rg-58 to aui. I have replaced this one with a new one and still no signal or power showing at transceiver. The word that I am getting is that the printer just stopped working one day serveral months ago.
    I am open to any suggestions.


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    Re:Rg-58 Ethernet troubleshooting

    Have you checked the connectors further up the line from the printer they sometimes have a way of working loose killing anything past that nic look out for the twist on type connector they are bad to pull apart

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    Re:Rg-58 Ethernet troubleshooting

    OK, I took one of the network gods down from the office and he has deduced that the transceiver is not receiving power from the aui cable. It seems that you have the power on the aui which I did not know. I guess I wasnt as fubar as I thought yesterday afternoon. :P

    Thanks for the reply,


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