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Thread: Suggestions for monitoring surfers

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    Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    My boss asked me to figure out a way to stop people from downloading "bad things". I said that is too wide of a range and almost impossible to do. I am now trying to find some tools, open or commercial, that will track, by IP, where people in our network are going on the web and display it in a nice graph. I would also like to find some docs on how to stop the download of mp3 format. I know this is a wide area to cover but I got to start somewhere. Thanks.

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    Re:Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    Why not just log DNS requests and sort thru that, either by IP or by site?

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    Re:Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    At work, they use ; I know the company sends periodical updates on restricted sites, and you can add your own. I *think* it gives you the reports you need. They have a free 30 say trial.

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    Re:Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    Websense looks sweet but I am sure it's crazy loot. Do you know what it costs and do you think it is any better than running Squid with squidguard?

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    Re:Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    Never tried squid, so I don't know.

    This page can give you an idea on the prices:



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    Re:Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    Thanks a lot! That was what I was looking for.

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    Re:Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    My job uses Websense also and it does a pretty good job of blocking access to sites. Heck, if you type in it will block that or just about any site that you setup with anything related to sex. It also blocks mp3 stuff.

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    Re:Suggestions for monitoring surfers

    [quote author=datamike link=board=1;threadid=7295;start=0#67227 date=1056575451]
    Thanks a lot! That was what I was looking for.

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