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Thread: Trickster for Mod

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    Re:Trickster for Mod

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=18;threadid=7284;start=0#67365 date=1056857596]being a mod gives one a few more tools.[/quote]

    very true. if i notice a typo or broke UBB code in say the playground where i'm not a mod i often start to look for the Modify link then realize where i am. it is useful to be a mod

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    Re:Trickster for Mod

    Take the un-active mods out and replace with new ones...

    I'm all for new mods as long as it doesn't clutter little area where mods are listed ( sometimes it has two lines on my Mozilla browser with resolution of 600x800 especially with those long mod names ). I really don't want to see three lines worth of it on my screen.

    Other than that, I'm all for new ( more ) mods.

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