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Thread: no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    I'd say stick with Red Hat. Is as easy as it is going to get.

    SUSE is said to be quite good. However, SUSE is not free.

    Debian is said to be quite stable but, to many people, obsolete.

    If you just want to learn linux without installing, you might want to try Knoppix.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    Well trickster. su and then ./Ismod was no such directory. This is what i tryed.

    whereis Ismod and this is what i got.

    I don't know what that means or what folder it is in. Please reply back. Thanks.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    It means it cannot find it. As a last resource, I'd open KDE or Gnome, and on the kmenu, go to Find Files. look for lsmod. If you can't find it, I'd say reinstall again, and just do a FULL installation.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    lsmod is in /sbin for redhat.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    Hey trickster. I'm going to get off topic real quick. Have you ever installed Solaris9 X86 with the 3 CD's?? If so. Could you help me install it?? What forum would i put that in?? Please reply back. Thanks trickster.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    I reviewed this thread and the thing that strikes me is that your system seems to behave very strange. And from your posts it's hard to say whether that's simply because the system is screwed up or because you don't understand what people ask you to do.

    There are so many problems unsolved that I'm incliened to suggest a clean re-install. Another possibility: Would you be opposed to giving someone ssh access to your machine? I'd be willing to log on and check if everythings working as it should and you will just have to trust me that I don't temper with your system or install backdoors If you've got AIM running message me @ demian31415 or mail me. I'll be here another hour or so.

    Well, I had a brain fart there. You don't have Linux online. So I guess ssh is not an option.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    yes demian you could access my computer. I do use AIM but it's not on my system so i'm downloading it now.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    As Demian said, he can't connect to your machine, because your machine can't connect to the net.

    And as he stated on the other post, my suggestion is that you take it easy and don't run before walking. If you can't get your system off the ground, don't try taking on other more complicated softwares.

    I have never installed Solaris. As far as I know, it uses a whole different "partitioning" schema. Last I read, on the thread you started on Solaris, Frisco suggested you do a search on Google for "Solaris x86 installation FAQ", and you never answered. Again, I'd say stick to one thing or you are going to get confused.

    I am going to start a new thread for helping you with the modem problem. I'm going to start by making sure you do a FULL installation.

    Please post the way you want your partitions to end, and I will help you.

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    root@localhost sbin]# /sbin/lsmod
    Module Size Used by Not tainted
    sr_mod 18136 0 (autoclean)
    i810_audio 25224 0 (autoclean)
    ac97_codec 13384 0 (autoclean) [i810_audio]
    soundcore 6532 2 (autoclean) [i810_audio]
    autofs 13348 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    ipt_REJECT 3736 6 (autoclean)
    iptable_filter 2412 1 (autoclean)
    ip_tables 14936 2 [ipt_REJECT iptable_filter]
    ide-scsi 10512 0
    scsi_mod 107176 2 [sr_mod ide-scsi]
    ide-cd 33608 0
    cdrom 33696 0 [sr_mod ide-cd]
    printer 8992 0 (unused)
    mousedev 5524 1
    keybdev 2976 0 (unused)
    hid 22244 0 (unused)
    input 5888 0 [mousedev keybdev hid]
    usb-uhci 26188 0 (unused)
    usbcore 77024 1 [printer hid usb-uhci]
    ext3 70368 2
    jbd 52212 2 [ext3]
    [root@localhost sbin]#

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    Re:no modem in Redhat Linux 8??

    Great, you found it!

    Now, try doing /sbin/modprobe vfat, and then do the lsmod. I want to make sure your driver for your fat32 partition is loading.

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