Something I've been waiting for, for around 2 years now - my gf and I was offered an apartment, we are second on the list to get it.. So the chances are quite low that we will get this one - but that would indicate that we get a first listing soon (a month or so) and then we have a home.

The rent is nice and low, and it's a near the center of town - about 5 mins walk from her school. Ample shopping is also right outside the door.

Only downside is that my gf has been acting completely bitchy towards me lately and I haven't figured out why yet.. women... *sigh*

If we get this place I will loose my internet on 1th of August btw. So untill we can afford some kind of cable I will be forced to use school computers to connect. That will suck, but money is tight since we didn't expect to get a place on this side of new year.

yes yes NGene,you can laugh at me now - afterall I've been teasing you for years with that r0x0ring 56k you have.