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    I've seen several job openings that require HP-UX experience. What is HP-UX? If I know linux can I work with HP-UX? Can someone give me some info on this?

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    HP-UX is Hewlett Packard's ver of Unix. I've never used it, so I'm not sure how it compares to Linux, or *BSD In terms of use. Hopefully someone else here can answer that for you.

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    Its a beast.

    Has a couple of useful Server Admin utils ala SAM (or is SAM on AIX)...not sure if they have GUI versions nowadays

    Installing kernel patches is easy (but still do or die), and the OS itself is rather stable.

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    What distro is it more like. Can I knowing linux be able to operate it?

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    You may find the Unix Rosetta Stone helpful. It compares various aspects of various unix systems.

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    I have used both HP-UX 10.20 and 11. It is a beast. Most of the commands are the same, there are some differences. My linux experience is what got me my current job. It does have a version of xwindows that runs on it, not sure of any versions or if it is proprietary or not. Its main admin tool is SAM, system adminstration manager.


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