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Thread: Startup scripts

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    Startup scripts

    If I want to run a script that runs automatically every time the computer is booted is it enough to write the script, copy it to /etc/init.d and make it executable? Or is there another file I have to register the script? Is there a difference in the process for RedHat, Suse, Debian?

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    Re:Startup scripts

    I have done just that - of course I make it in the apropriate run level dir e.g /etc/rc3.d/ and it must start with an S##script name - where the S means it should start, and the ## is the order, e.g. S01 will be numeber 1 to start and S99 will be the last thing.

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    Re:Startup scripts

    Ah I got it now, well for RedHat anyway.. chkconfig!!! Very nice and easy program to use... you might have to add a couple of lines to your script in /etc/init.d but check out the man page for chkconfig.

    Also look at:

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