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Thread: Solaris 9 installation??

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    I don't think you are ever going to find a "step by step installation" of almost any software.
    My suggestion is to download the software and jump in on it. If you have problems, ask for help.

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    If i jump in on it and i don't know what i'm doing then most likely it will wipe out my Windows XP.

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    Then perhaps you should learn how partitions work and how the Solaris slices work before deciding to install Solaris.

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    yeah i know. I'm going to do some searching now.

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    Is technical support free of charge or do people pay for support with Sun?? Is it also free to have a live chat or how do i send in a e-mail request so they could e-mail me back?? Thanx.

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    I don't know. Have you checked their website?

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    You have to pay. its free if you a license.

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    I looked on there site before u even gave me the link. I sent them e-mail for technical support.

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    Re:Solaris 9 installation??

    Thats where Sun gets it real money -- support contracts. There is shit on the net that will answer your questions.

    Look there.

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