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Thread: Drive vs. overdrive

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    Re:Drive vs. overdrive

    [quote author=pwrhouse link=board=14;threadid=7241;start=#66865 date=1056030912]
    Only time you really need to turn it off is if you are towing something or hauling something heavy.
    Other then that it usually only goes into overdrive when you are cruising at around 40-45 mph.

    Congrats on the truck.

    Thanks, I've been longing for a truck for years. I finally got one. ;D

    If you turn off overdrive for towing, then what do you use the '1' and '2' setting for?

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    Re:Drive vs. overdrive

    I think I figured it out:

    Operating in Overdrive "OFF" gives more engine braking than Overdrive and is useful for descending hills.
    So here in Florida I'll probably never turn it off. Thanks for everybody's input.

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    Re:Drive vs. overdrive

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=7241;start=0#66857 date=1056017439]
    my transportation comes with overdrive as well... strangely I call it up and down hill.

    Since I ride my bike here as well, I have to admit that overdrive means that I'm just cruising along and drive is when I'm trying to avoid an inconsiderate driver.

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    Re:Drive vs. overdrive

    This is not technically sound answers but generally how I use my overdrive automatic transmission equipped car.

    I use overdrive whenever I normally drive.
    I turn off overdrive if I have to drive slower than 45 mph.
    I often do not use overdrivev on hilly steets such as in San Francisco streets. I drive with OD ON all the time here in flat land in Silicon Valley streets.
    I use #2 for very slow start or towing.
    L gear is usually for sand-beach conditions.
    If you drive with OD on freeway, it will give you better gas mileage but bad for city driving under 45 mph.
    If you want to use engine breaking in addition to breaking with break pads, you can turn off OD and #2 gear.

    That's about the basic I follow.

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    Re:Drive vs. overdrive

    I use sport mode when I have to accelerate fast. ;D

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    Re:Drive vs. overdrive

    If you have a tach in your truck, while running down the road flip off overdrive. The RPMs will jump about 500 to 1000 depending on how your tranny is geared. As mentioned before you only really need it while towing or when more engine braking is required. Some mentioned 'sport drive', all it does is rev the engine a little higher to inrcease the torque output, good for accerlation, but bad for top end.

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