Hi All,

I'm a relative newcomer to Linux and have run into a problem with RH 9 and Ximian Evolution. My main home computer is a dual boot machine... both OS's, Red Hat 8 and Red Hat 9. Anyway, with RH8 and Evolution 1.0.something, I have no problems. I think that I did an upgrade of Evolution on my RH 9 install, but to be honest, I'm not absolutely sure. I have a lot of computers between home and work and do mess with them a lot. My current version is:

[dishawjp@eunix dishawjp]$ rpm -qa evolution

I've checked on all the configuration options for sending and receiving mail within Evolution and compared them to my setup on RH 8 and they are the same. I can ping my smtp and pop3 servers so they are alive and the authentication protocols seem to be set correctly. At least they are the same as in my old setup and it still works, but Evolution won't connect to anything. I can't even get my "summary" information and trying to send/receive mail doesn't even get a "tic" out of my ppp0 on gkrellm.

I have to be missing something pretty basic here. I've checked the support section of Ximian.com, but no joy there.

Any good souls here willing to point me in the right direction?


Jim Dishaw