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Thread: debs: libranet or deb 3.0 or xandros ?

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    debs: libranet or deb 3.0 or xandros ?

    ive used libranet 2.0 before, it was pretty hassle free
    except i counldnt get my hp laserjet (4 or 5 or 6, i forget which) going.
    i just downloaded debian 3.0 and wanna try that. but i remember there used to be alot of "issues" about
    difficulty installing or configuring it.
    what should i expect? a much harder install/config
    than libranet (or mandrake or RH) or not really?
    im not afraid of the command line, but i hate
    gui's that dont get the job done = my laserjet
    experience last year.
    xandros: i never tried it = could someone send me
    a copy id be glad to re-imburse postage.

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    Re:debs: libranet or deb 3.0 or xandros ?

    I much prefer plain Debian 3.0 myself. As for the real differences between libranet, deb, and xandros? It all comes down to installers and admin tools. Debian has the fewest/sparcest ones. The other two have many more, since that is one way that they can show the world that they are different.

    If you want to install stock Debian, try this article. It is quite good. I didn't think that installing Debian was any harder than Slack, rh, etc...just different. If you do go this route, try installing bf24 (I think that is the right one), as it allows you greater control over which driver modules are included. Made it a lot easier for me to install my audio drivers when I loaded it.

    If you want ease of install, give LindowsOS a shot. It's quite good.

    At any rate, good luck. If you have any questions regarding how to install Debian, just pm me.


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    Re:debs: libranet or deb 3.0 or xandros ?

    I'll say this: if you compare it to RedHat or MDK or whatnot, the debian install is just scary. Then again, it was the second distro I ever tried and I didn't have very much experience when I first installed it. Things went just fine. Just read the documentation beforehand (might wanna print it out), and it's quite straightforward. Of course the advantage of Debian is that it's 100% free. Not sure about Libranet (though I've heard great things about it), and Xandros costs $$$.

    I'd definitely recommend debian for anyone who wants a clean, easily-maintainable machine.

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