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Thread: Interesting Linux movie distro project

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    Interesting Linux movie distro project

    I was just browsing freshmeat and came across Movix, a mirco linux distro (~7MB) that can be burnt onto a CD together with your favourite divx movie and has enough software onboard (well, mainly mplayer) to boot into a linux system off that CD and play the movie.

    It comes in various flavours: movix, emovix and movix^2

    I hesitate to put this in the cool software thread because I haven't tried it yet and don't know how well it works. But it looks interesting anyways.

    Anybody tried it yet?

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    Re:Interesting Linux movie distro project

    a fellow named cmonster who is registered here but has not posted in a while has tried it, i guess he liked it. i know he likes dvds on his computer.

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    Re:Interesting Linux movie distro project

    This sounds pretty cool. This way you can give a friend a copy of a divx that he can watch on his box. That's cool. I might do this for my gf.

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