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Thread: Samba and Disk quotas

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    Samba and Disk quotas

    Hi everyone! I am in the process of setting up our new file server to replace Novell. It's RH8 running SMB. I was wondering if there is a way to set quotas on dir instead of partitions. I can do the basic user disk quota stuff but I am looking to make it so every time I add a subdir I can set limits. I also want to be able to hide the actual size of the partition from people. Am I dreaming or is it possible? If so can someone point me to some docs? Thanks.

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    Re:Samba and Disk quotas

    Just use 'quotactl' to limit the base directories with a group. I'm assuming you will be making the directories correct? Just alias a command like 'makedir' to run 'makedir && quotactl'.

    As for seing the size of the drive, just change the world settings on 'df' to 0 (-wrx).

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