saw that someone else had asked about college linux a little deeper in the forum, so ill say my experience.

college linux is one iso, its a very simple setup and very fast too. it has all the programs a desktop replacement should have, for a newbie anyway. and it recognized everything that i had in my system, even my mouse.

i am using college linux 2.3 (darth vader) and i love it. i am just so suprised on how good a smaller distro can be compared to more major and widely used ones.

i am by far not skilled or know too much in linux, and college linux was a snap.

i had mandrake 9.0-9.1 and it worked good for the most part, but it just wouldnt recognize my mouse, i have a usb intellimouse. and 9.1 seemed to run a lot slower for some reason.

redhat 9 just froze during the install process all the time, i had to restart the process at least 13 times just to get it through