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Thread: A Highly Placed Windows Troll

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    A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    Who is this idiot?;Art_ID=12186

    Pay very close attention to the last line of this article.

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    Re:A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    What a load of BS!! >
    They may as well put Bill Gates as their Editor. Go to the contacts page and look at thier "Magazines". Its pretty much a windows propaganda mag. Friggin commies.

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    Re:A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the editor of that idiot.
    Dear sir,
    In the article mentioned above, Mr. Paul Thurrot make several statements about Linux and its use of the SCO IP code.  This is all well and good.  It is a viable question on many of our minds right now.  I do however feel that his last statements should be brought into question.
    I quote:
    "But Raymond and most of the Linux community aren't addressing the real problem: How did the wunderkind Linux find itself in such a compromising, Microsoft-like position? And how will the community bounce back from these claims of illegitimacy when the very process under which Linux is created fosters and even promotes theft?"
    The very process under which Linux is created fosters and even promotes theft?  I have never before heard such a ludicrous statement.  The process of people supporting your cause and wanting to improve and advance a product is now called theft?  I was under the impression that journalism had a basis in fact and that one could be held accountable for one's statements made in print.  I would like Mr. Thurrot to show to us where he found proof enough to make such a claim.  I eagerly await his reply so I can educate myself in his own idiocy.
    Mark Birchfield
    Field technician and Linux user
    I will post any replies I get back.

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    Re:A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    ooo! good one mouantainman!!

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    Re:A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    I am very anxious to hear the response to your letter, although, judging from the article, I doubt very seriously any reply would be logical or factual.
    If he intended to write a factual article, he could have noted that the alleged stolen code is only 80 lines, out of over 3 million.
    If he wanted to be accurate, he could have noted that those 80 lines are not central to the proper operation of the Linux kernel. If these 80 lines were central to the function of Linux, I am sure SCO would be claiming all over the world, removal of those 80 lines would leave Linux inoperable. Since SCO makes no such claims, then these 80 lines must not be that important.
    But the author is not a real journalist and has no interest whatsoever in facts.I have seen more accurate reporting in the "National Enquirer."

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    Re:A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    AHEM. {steps up to soap box}

    Here is a little bit of info from a google on the author's name. This is from the very first website that it lists, the

    Contacting Paul

    The SuperSite for Windows began life as a section of my Internet Nexus Web site, called, simply enough, The Future of Windows. After an August 1998 technical preview of Windows NT 5.0 (later renamed Windows 2000, unfortunately), this site was launched as the Windows NT 5.0 SuperSite (and then renamed to the Windows 2000 SuperSite). But Microsoft requested a slight name change, so it then became the SuperSite for Windows 2000. And after it became clear that other Windows versions (first Millennium, and then later Neptune, Odyssey, and Whistler) would be coming down the pike, the more succinct SuperSite for Windows name was finally chosen.

    And you thought Microsoft code-names were confusing!


    So, it looks as if someone IS on the Micro$oft payroll.

    10Ded >

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    Re:A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    "because no Linux developers are legally or contractually obligated to perform according to any corporate principles,"

    According to which corporate principles? Microsoft corporate principles? SCO corporate principles? Enron corporate principles? Worldcom corporate principles? Or could it be ImClone corporate principles?
    Since when did corporate principles become some kind of magic fairy dust which bring goodness and light to all that it touches?

    "Because Linux development is essentially open, and thousands of programmers from all over the world contribute source code to the project, there is no central management or control over those people,"

    I am sure that Mr. Torvalds and Mr. Cox will be quite surprised to learn that they exercise NO central management or control over the Linux kernel.

    "and it's impossible for Linux's maintainers to know where program code was originally developed."

    Yes because no one writes free code due to the pride of coding really well, being able to attach their names to what they wrote and gain recognition, much less to scratch their own itches. The only reason could possibly be for the thrill of committing IP violations and the chance to plagiarize someone
    else's work.

    This is FUD and nothing else. The author is a troll.

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    Re:A Highly Placed Windows Troll

    Good reply to the author MM!

    One thing that should be pointed out, is that M$ is the real thief. Part's of Win2K have been identified as part of BSD code, and ME was a patchwork of various code from almost any OS.

    Now with their new project, they are wanting to incorperate UNIX into the backend of the system itself. I wonder if they will steal the rest of the BSD code they started on?

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