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Thread: The best Linux sites out there??

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    The best Linux sites out there??

    Outside of LNO (Justlinux) and Linux Questions, what are some of the other good linux sites??

    What do you look for in a linux related website??

    What would you like to see??

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    608 is good for linux programmers interested in the kernel, gnu's site isn't really a "linux site" but extremely useful

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    Let's see...

    I like slashdot even though it (obviously) is tech stuff and not just linux stuff. I like because I like to pretend I know what they're talking about. I like browsing because the whole point of KDE is that it's pretty.

    The only thing that linuxfoo is "missing" might be downloads of cool stuff; if people have projects, apps, wallpapers, or whatever, it might be fun to have an easy way to share them on the site.

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    373 and ---- all the info on linux games. Tuxgames is the place to go for commercial cames as well.

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    215 - news - highlights open source p ackages and distros
    linuxworld - news, howtos - Slackware packages - open source projects

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