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Thread: "We the Media"

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    "We the Media"

    I know that most of the IT pros know of Dan Gillmor, or should know of him. "We the Media" looks at the idea of news as a conversation or at least an open forum where just maybe the truth can be found (CBS isn't open, eh?)

    The book can be DL'ed from the link above.

    You all know I am a ways behind the curve on tech , but I am sure long on the philosophical side of computing/communities. This book is at the very heart of what my computing is about.

    The Foobies with their tech skills can push into the very heart of open-source living with "We the Media"

    Check it out.

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    Thank's always looking for something new to read.
    Wenn Sie Spaß meines Englisch mich Willensfuckingtötung Sie bilden.

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