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Thread: login as root

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    login as root

    i have justed installed the college linux distro, well i have the same,
    not problem, but prompt. that it tells me in some apps and places that
    i shouldnt be logged in as root, is this for stability, or just so i dont
    mess anything up.

    does it really matter overall what im logged in as?

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    Re:login as root

    The reason it's saying this is there are nemerous security exploits for users running as root. That's one thing you don't want to be taken over. A single 'rm -rf /' (DON'T TYPE THAT!) can bring your system to it's knees within seconds, and only root can do that since it's deleting everything off your drive(s). Various permission controlled directories need to stay that way. Just make a user, and use the 'su' or 'sudo' command for doing your root work.

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    Re:login as root

    thats what i thought. i still havent run into any problems being logged in as root all the time in the gui..

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    Re:login as root

    The fact you can mess it up is one reason. Also, any evil application you accidentally run (i.e. virus, trojan, evil script, etc.) would run as root then. If they run as a regular user, they can't damage your system (as much...)

    Basically, it is just good admin policy. My recommendation would be to run normally as a regular user, and if you need root privileges, use su or sudo.

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