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Thread: floppy failure

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    floppy failure

    My floppy drive, fd0, use to work. When I got this new box, I used the floppy to transfer a few files. I seldom use the drive. Last night, when I tried to mount a disk, I recieved a "device output failure" error and hung the system up pretty well.

    So, do I assume this is just a hardware failure and replace the drive, or can anyone think of anything else I should check?

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    Re:floppy failure

    Try unplugging the ribbon cable and then plugging it back in. Is it an old drive? Old cable? Check to make sure that the cable is not cut or bent at an angle. If these things don't work, then it might be time to buy a new floppy drive.

    If you don't really need the floppy drive I'd just get rid of it and invest in a 128mb USB key. This one should do the trick and keep you on time for all your appointments.


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