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Thread: Favorite Disney character

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    Favorite Disney character

    Inspired by Stryder144 post about his family going to Disney land while he's stuck in Korea (hot asian chicks all around - what's the big problem man? - look but don't touch).

    Mine by far is Gyro Gearloose.

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    Re:Favorite Disney character

    Mine is, well, um, Goofy!

    True, there are some hot Asians here. But, those who are around the Americans tend to become quite rude. Which is unfortunate.

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    Re:Favorite Disney character

    Well, he's not really a disney character....but I wanna see snoop dog! ;D

    Okay, so that's a bit of an inside joke, at a grad party last weekend we had a hypnotist and one kid that went up there said that when asked what his favorite disney character was. Quite a coincidence that this should be asked only 2 days later on here (and by the way, no, I don't like snoop dog)

    Anywho.....the cat from alice in wonderland! (that's disney right?)

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    Re:Favorite Disney character

    Cheshire cat... interesting fellow I must say. :^P

    I think I would have to go with... hmm... oh there's a lot and I just don't know. I really gotta go with a less classic character and newer with Stitch. He reminds me of a friend in many manners of speaking I guess so, yeah.

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