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Okay, here is the deal. My school currently runs the network on Netware 5, and all the students run Windoze clients, their login prompt is the Novell client, it mounts their home directories to H:\ and the shared directories to S:\, sets the printers up (It only shows them the printer in the room they're in, I'm not sure how)..
Heres how it all relates: One of the teachers installed Yoper (of all things) on a computer. He wanted to mount his home directory, and the shared directory. I grabbed ncpfs, installed it, then I installed gtknw, and it worked (kinda).. So we mounted it manually, then the next time we did it we got a segfault.. We moved on to novelclient (http://novelclient.sourceforge.net), and like it much better.

/* Heres the question, can we replace the K login selector (thats right, I forgot the real name) with the novelclient, so that it adds a user to the machine (or uses a guest account or something), and sets up the printers..

Thanks for your time =)