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Thread: giFT quirks

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    giFT quirks

    Has giFT been somewhat sub-par for anyone else lately? Namely, the damn thing won't connect to the network! I've tried everything I can, including a total removal and reinstall. It just happened one day. I was downloading the day before and then bam. So is anyone else seeing this happening, or is it a me thing?

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    Re:giFT quirks

    just checked and I'm having no problems with giFT. I've got about a terabyte of visible shares right now on the network. How are you installing giFT? rpm? deb? ebuild? cvs / source compile?

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    Re:giFT quirks

    I was going from ebuild, but that stopped working. Then I removed that and went to source, and that still didn't work, so I took that off and now my ebuild won't build again FastTrack can't find libgift. I'll disable it later and give it another go after I'm done midterms (hate my life). Still I have no idea why it should just stop working!

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    Re:giFT quirks

    Got it working...cleared the system of absolutely every trace of gift, edited the ebuild to skip libFastTrack, and copied /usr/share/giFT/OpenFT/nodes to my ~/.giFT/OpenFT directory. Ahhhh good old giFT

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