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Thread: Question about SSL keys

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    Question about SSL keys

    I lease a dedicated Linux server from a company who shall remain nameless. I've become more and more unhappy with them and I want to get a new machine with someone else and migrate the web sites I'm hosting.

    Two of the sites I host have SSL certificates (from Comodo), which I installed. The question is if I get a new server, can I still use the existing private and public keys for the certificates, as-is? I'm not sure if these are somehow bound to the particular machine that they were generated on.

    I'd like to avoid having to buy two new certificates if at all possible. Thanks for the help.

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    Re:Question about SSL keys

    I've just recently done the same thing, so it is definetly doable. Just copy your server.crt and server.key files from the old server to the new one.

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    Re:Question about SSL keys

    Excellent, thanks for the help.

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