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Thread: Can you guys freaking stop .....

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    Re:Can you guys freaking stop .....

    After I posted I did the google search thing (btw...searches are more interesting when you're using the korean google site). All of the non-Apic info was based on the last C3 chip but nothing was said about the current Nehemiah-based chip. Even Via's website says something about a future upgrade to the chip. So, do you have any links to a website that has tested the Nehemiah-based C3's and SMP? I would love to be able to put together a nice little SMP system using the C3's (I like to play with non-Intel, non-AMD stuff...makes life more interesting).

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    Re:Can you guys freaking stop .....

    I dunno about the newest chip, but I do believe that it's SMP capable but how far it scales I dunno.

    I do know that the Transmeta Astro is SMP capable and it scales beyond 4 way (at least that's the information I was able to sniff up). If only they would release it...

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    Re:Can you guys freaking stop .....

    Or you can get a real CPU like a P4 or AMD....

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