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Thread: AV for Linux?

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    AV for Linux?

    Hi all. I'm new to the group and to Linux. First off, is AV software necessary/reccomended for Linux? I have Mandrake 9.1 installed on a system. This machine does have access to other drives in Windows machines. The Winderz machines do have AV running. I'm wondering if there is any concern for cross-contamination
    If I should be running AV, what is a good product and where do I find it?

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    Re:AV for Linux?

    AV you mean Anti-virus, right?

    You don't really need anti-virus software for Linux. First of, there aren't many out there. The ones that do exist usually exploit server vulnerabilities, like Apache, Sendmail, etc. I don't know of any that spreads throug a Linux desktop environment.
    Windows viruses will not affect your Linux box.

    There are some Linux ant-virus software out there, but again they are for protecting serves. I don't know anyone that uses it in a desktop-environment. You should be fine without any.

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    Re:AV for Linux?

    Thanks. Just wondering

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    Re:AV for Linux?

    Well, you could still get infected, but it's not like Windows where you're insane to run without an AV. Linux isn't invincible, someone could feasibly release a program with a "virus" in it designed to take over your system, delete everything, etc.. After all, .tar.gz do use the root user for "make install"

    So, while it's probably something you'll never run into (security on installed applications is a greater concern than virii) you should still exercise common sense (don't run the perl script that's supposed to update your password that you got in a unrequested email. )

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    Re:AV for Linux?]RAV anti-virus[/url]

    I use this on my q-mail servers


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