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Thread: LJR nwn guild Name voting

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    LJR nwn guild Name voting

    Take a vote and let me know and we will start from there.

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    I voted "Order of the Red Fedora" not as straight foward as the others and it will take people some time to actually get it

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    I have the guild page semi setup on the nwn bioware page. You do have to have a bioware login to view and join the site. I also have 3 small forums setup to help keep the bw here down. Or we can put it here, doesnt matter, as long as the Man approves.

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    Ok, just so everyone knows, voting stops monday morning at 7 am central time. Right now, Order of the Red Fedora is ahead by a decent margin.

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    Order of the Red Fedora it is. Now all we need is for people to JOIN!!!

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    I have one week left in this quarter, after which my NWN playing time will greatly increase. I'll look into this more after this week.

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    Just for poeple who dont know of what the Order of the Red Fedora is inspired from, in Dragonlance, there was the Knights of the Red Rose, of which the infamous Lord Soth arose. Lord Soth for those who are STILL lost, is part of the triangle of hate between Count Strahd and the Lich Azalyn (sp?) creating one of the best stories in quite some time.

    For those interested I can give a quick overview of whos who, why, and where they stand now.

    Rankings of knights:

    Knight (base class)
    Knight of the Crown (A 3rd+ level Knight can become a KOTC)
    Knight of the Sword (A 3rd+ Level KOTC can become KOTS)
    Knight of the Red Rose (A 3rd+ Level KOTS can become KOTRR)

    I cant wait for the 3rd Ed rendition of Dragon Lance to be released.

    Yes I LOVE AD&D.

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    Lord Soth was always one of my favorites. He was cool, didnt he have like several banshees around him at all times in his castle to keep himself ina foul mood?

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    He returned to Krynn during the War of Souls, and Takhisis changed him back to human and dropped his castle on him because he didn't helped her take over Krynn.

    That War of Souls series was quite weird... ???

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    Re:LJR nwn guild Name voting

    I read a book specifically about Soth, I think it was called Knight of the Black Rose. It was very interesting, talked off him and how he became a death knight. I think at one time he was offered repentence by a deity and would be granted death if he would ask forgiveness of his wife. If I remember right, he went up to her and broke her neck, stating something like he had already made his decisions and would live with the consequences or some junk. Very balsy.

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