Public transportation here works great and the pricing is fair - I, however, use my bike, and so does my father, most of the time - it's healthy and you are not bound by silly things like gasbills and timeschedules. That might not be an option if you live far away from where you work, but I get all my transportation done that way, even when it's raining (not fun but there's always dry clothing and tea to make you feel better).

Plus I live outside the city and the nature is beautiful here so I get that experience for free everytime I go some place.

In the event I have to go far away it tends to be a family trip so four - five people in the car, pretty stuffed but it's good fun - or I take a train or a bus.

Little note here - enjoy your rediculiously low gas prices while they last - here fx. we pay 4 times what you pay - so fuel economy is very important.