right now I dual boot on my pc, between win2k and slack 9.0. Now I don't think this is just a slackware issue but just one in general in linux because I have encountered it with every program on every distro I have tried so far, Redhat Mandrake, Slackware, and Root and I am about to try Gentoo. Now what I have noticed is that the more I lean into favoring Linux as my primary OS I have an issue with the speed of the GUI. It takes seconds and I have occured minutes for a program to open. My pc is a P4 2.5ghz with 512 DDR on a 64mb Geforce2 and Seagate 40gb 7200rpm. When I am in windows, stuff opens on the fly, I blink and it is open, it works like it should on a p4 2.5ghz. However when I am in Linux, not only does it take it's time booting up checking everything and mounting everything in the system. Then when I am actually using the system and I open an application like xchat, gaim, xmms, gimp, whatever application I want to use. They always take between 5-10seconds to open. Sometimes I open an application and it never opens, so I think I didn't double click it and I do it again with the same results. I then like 4 minutes later find the program pop up twice (from opening it twice) it has just taken incredibly slow. Now is there a reason applications do not open in linux as fast as they do in windows, is there a reason the system is not using my computers speed like it should? I thought I heard Lovechild talk once about pre-linking making stuff open in a snap (though I don't know how to do that and havent tried. I was just wondering what makes the system so slow. Can anyone help me out? I would love to see my computer run as fast as it should.