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Thread: Having issues with FAT32 somehow

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    Having issues with FAT32 somehow

    Ok I know I compiled support into my kernel, and I've never had any probs with FAT32 before.....But now I cant seem to get it right. I have 2 FAT32 partitions so WInXP can read the stuff there too (mostly MP3s, movies, etc). Linux can read them, but writes to them ULTRA SLOW (was taking about 2 mins per rar to unrar to the FAT32 , and about 20 seconds for 45 rars to an ext3 partition), and cant erase off them saying its a RO file system. I know its not Read-Only as it worked before....

    lsmod shows both vfat and fat modules in there.....Any ideas???

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    Re:Having issues with FAT32 somehow

    Are you loading them automatically by fstab? Can you post your fstab?

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    Re:Having issues with FAT32 somehow

    try just using vfat

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