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    Xine PET

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    Re:Xine PET

    All of this could be boiled down to "emerge totem" (for the totem frontend fx.) - but that's just my way of doing this... God I love my distro

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    Some of us like to learn while we do things. If it was for it being easy, I would use Windows.

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    Re:Xine PET

    While I agree with Lovechild, I love this distro, I think your PET works pretty darn well. Good job.

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    Re:Xine PET


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    Re:Xine PET

    Does this PET only works on Linux?? or does it work on Windows XP pro?? I'm not going to download anything until i know it works on Windows. As of right now i can't use Linux on internet. That's something different from this topic so i currently not running any Linux distro. Please reply back. Thanks trickster.

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    Re:Xine PET

    I don't think Xine will compile under Windows. Sorry :/

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    Re:Xine PET

    Videolan works under Windows and many other platforms - try that.

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    Re:Xine PET

    I don't know where to get videolan from. trickster or Lovechild. Can one of you put up a PET on videolan?? To how to install it and where to download it from and everything else. Please reply back. Thanks.

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    Re:Xine PET

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