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Thread: Xine Issue in slack

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Did you ran , as root, ldconfig after installing the xine libs? Also, make sure your /etc/ has on it the path where you installed the libraries.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Ok, I installed xine-lib-0.0.0 in /opt.

    So do i set to /opt/xine-lib.0.0.0?

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Reason i ask is becuase it is still not finding the libs.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Try adding /opt to /etc/, so that it looks like:


    Then run ldconf as root.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    *** An old version of XINE (0.9.13) was found.
    *** You need a version of XINE newer than 1.0.0. The latest version of
    *** XINE is always available from:
    *** If you have already installed a sufficiently new version, this error
    *** probably means that the wrong copy of the xine-config shell script is
    *** being found. The easiest way to fix this is to remove the old version
    *** of XINE, but you can also set the XINE_CONFIG environment to point to the
    *** correct copy of xine-config. (In this case, you will have to
    *** modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH enviroment variable, or edit /etc/
    *** so that the correct libraries are found at run-time))
    configure: error: *** You should install xine-lib first ***

    I even started over using the same files in the pet and i still get this.

    Any ideas?

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    That is quite odd. I'd say, from inside your windows manager (I use KDE, I find it easier, go to Find Files, and do a search for *xine* and erase any old Xine thing you find. Then go ahead and install the latest version.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Alright, i have lots of xine files found, such as /usr/local/lib it finds some /usr/local/share/doc mainly all usrl local, should i delete those?

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Yeah, delete them all. They will be recreated with the correct version when you reinstall the xine-libs from source.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Those only house xine libs right, cuase i don't want to go deleting any other libs.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Well, I don't know what files you are seeing. I am assuming that anything with "xine" on their name belongs to the Xine software. However, I do not want to be responsible if your system gets hosed. 0-o

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