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Thread: Xine Issue in slack

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    Xine Issue in slack

    Alright, another post of my great gnome expidition.
    Now i'm trying to setup xine so I can watch dvd's and shows i download. I have the xine-lib installed the way it tells me to, but when i go to run xine-ui it can't find my libs. What dir should i have them point to? Right now i tar -zxcf the xine-lib.tar.gz into the /opt file.. I did all the ./configure make make all install whatever in the /opt/xine-lib dir..
    Now i have the xine-ui in the /opt trying to do the samething but it cannot find my librbary's.. I set export $LP_libbabrby or whatever set to /opt/xine-lib and it still wont work, my only guess is that that libs are installed somehwere else. anybody have any experriance on this?

    Thank you for your time and help.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    I remember installing Xine, but don't remember any issues.

    Perhaps you would like to get the packages for it from Xine

    That is "supposed" to install Xine correctly. (Can't tell, though, because I installed Xine from source a couple of months ago.)

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Think you could write a pet for it?

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    Um, sure. I will have to figure it out again, though.

    Will try this weekend.

    I just reinstalled my system anyway, so I need to do it again.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    ok, here it is:


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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    awsome man thanks!

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    You're welcome.

    I hope it works.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    just a note...i know alot of people like to use the /dev/dvd symbolic link thing and it can be handy if you try other dvd apps (if you are unlike me and use various dvd apps) but it is actually unnecessary.

    in the input section it has an entry for "deviced used for dvd drive". in there you can just put the cdrom/dvd path in. for example in my distro the (dvd/)cdrom path is:


    so i put that path in and it works fine. in the past i have also used:
    /dev/hdc (or d)

    infact /dev/cdrom is usually contains a symlink from the raw device (hdc) anyway.


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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    I know. But I tried to keep it consistent with the documentation the Xine project uses, in case something needs troubleshooting.

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    Re:Xine Issue in slack

    I do what the PET says, but when i'm ./configureing xine-ui i get an error that says you should install xine-lib first. but, i did, is it just not finding the libs? Any suggestions?


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