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Thread: Slackware on a laptop

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    Slackware on a laptop

    I'm having problems getting x to run on my laptop, antbody have a sample config, or know where i can find one for a new laptop .. Mine is a toshiba.

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    Do you know what video adapter it has, or what model of Toshiba it is?

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    Kind of, it isn't much use, any other ideas, that was not useful either.

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    What results do you get when you run, as root, lspci ?

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    how do i run that command?

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    From a console, type su -c lspci and it will asl for the root password. then it will give you some output.

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    VGA compatible controller:" nVidia corporation nv17 [gforce4 420 GO] (rev a3)

    IS what i get for the video card. I assume that is what you are asking for?>

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    Same video card as my laptop Or almost the same.

    You have to install the Nvidia driver, as it says on this thread:;threadid=6960

    Then, edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config file as this one, or just copy and ue this one:

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    Re:Slackware on a laptop

    and what if i don't have the internet?

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