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    Half Life 2

    I just watched the E3 presentation of Half Life 2... and I _REALLY_ hope that this game will be able to run under Linux, even though Value made it clear they were not going to port HL1 to Linux (which probably rules out a native port of the sequel).

    But if you haven't seen this 22mins presentation, I would advice you to get a hold of it - it's 500 megs mind you. - You can either pay gamespy for the download or use Bittorrent (like I did).

    It's mindblowing, the physics engine is incredible, as is the whole enviroment... and the story looks like it could be nearly as good as the first one ( I for one really dug the storyline in Half Life and all it's addons - I played everyone of them, except blue shift).

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    Re:Half Life 2

    mmm, Half Life 2, I loved the first one, and really hope the 2nd will be as sweet. Original's story line was great. We can hope for a native linux version, but for some reason I'm not holding my breath. :-\

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    Re:Half Life 2

    The second one really looks great it has some good elements in there - like everything is an object you can tinker with, you can block doors by pushing stuff in front of them fx.
    If you shoot at something wooden, it sounds like wood and breaks like wood.. and the physical aspect of the environment is just unbelievable.

    Did any of you catch the fact that every person in the game had an algoritme attached to them that determinted how often they blink their eyes depending on the lighting - it's totally awesome, the level of detail they have put into this game is unbelievable.

    I can't wait for a playable demo, because seeing the in game demo just made me...... eager...

    btw, the same guy who wrote the story for the first game also wrote this one, but sadly no Black Mesa this time, I was kinda hoping we would go back there at some point but he decided not to for some reason - which might be good for innovation of the storyline.

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    Re:Half Life 2

    Well its on a whole new enigne, but I still doubt a native linux port as its using DX9 very heavily. Hopefully a winex working version, thats the best we can hope for.........

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