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Thread: redhat 9.0 Install problem

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    redhat 9.0 Install problem

    I'm installing redhat linux 9.0. I have all three iso's burned onto a cd. The first, cd will boot, and it will take me all the way to the point where it isays "What type of media contains the packages to be installed?" Well I assume that it is off my cd's since i have all 3 iso's on the cd but it does not read the first cd. Any ideas?

    Thank you

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    Re:redhat 9.0 Install problem

    Ive never messed with 9, but 8 asks you if you want to test the install media before you start installation. Does 9? If so, you might want to try that. Or you could check the md5sum on your cd's vice what they are supposed to be. Or, is your cdrom working properly to begin with?

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    Re:redhat 9.0 Install problem

    yes it is working proberly becuase it is booting off it, but when it goes to install the base it says isert redhat install cd.

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    Re:redhat 9.0 Install problem

    Did u happen to name or rename the cds anything other than what it was for the iso? If the name doesnt match exactly, it wont work.

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    Re:redhat 9.0 Install problem


    RH9 (Shrike) allows the linux checkmedia to be typed at the command prompt after disk #1 is booted. It was obvious and an exposed option with the 7.x and 8.0 installs, but hidden, but still allowed, in 9 in the (I think it is) F5 option.

    Just type ' linux checkmedia ' when it asks you to hit ' enter ' to install

    This will confirm for you on each of the three CDs containing the .iso images that you are starting with good media. If you get PASS on all 3, then proceed and maybe have to try the MD5 checksum, to solve this problem but I've never had to go that far. If you get any FAILs go back and re-get the .iso.



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