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Thread: Basic GUI question

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    Basic GUI question

    Hi all,

    I know this is going to sound kind of basic BUT I gotta ask anyway. If I can figure out how to ask my question in the first place, I don't even know how to word it.

    I'm asking because I've seen plenty of posts asking which Window manager people use, I would have said KDE if I were to have answered. But people seem to be answering with Metacity and other things I haven't really heard of. What is the correlation between a DE such as KDE and Metacity? Can you intermingle any DE with any WM? I assume that the WM is to linux as Explorer was/is to Windows (especially 9x versions). It can be changed out for a different look. Are some DE more easily adaptable to different WMs than others?

    TIA for any clarification and sorry for my stupidity in this area, its not my first nor will it be my last

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    Re:Basic GUI question

    A DE is a integrated desktop - usually has a common look/feel for all the applications that use it, etc. Only ones I really can name off the top of my head are KDE and Gnome. A window manager does just that- manage windows. Gives them a border, the close/minimize/maximize buttons, scroll bars, etc. Technically you don't need either to run X apps, but if you just use the X server there will be no easy way of starting an app (no menus, etc.) and no way to control their position.

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    Re:Basic GUI question

    Check out this site for all kinds of great info on DEs and WMs:

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