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Thread: upgrading kernel can't find modules

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    upgrading kernel can't find modules


    Instead of using Up2date to upgrade my kernel. I just got the RPM from another machine and did

    #> rpm -Uvh kernel-2.4.20-xxxxx

    this seemed to upgrade the kernel. when I rebooted there were a lot of errors where the kernel is looking for the /lib/modules/OLD_KERNEL/modules.dep of the old kernel!

    Luckily, i created a boot disk before I upgraded the kernel. but, when I reboot it can't find modules.dep because the upgrade deleted the /lib/modules/old_kernel directory. I restored this from tape and it seems to be ok as long as I boot from the floppy

    how do I upgrade the kernel now and get it to work? Or how can I resort back to the old kernel (exactly) and just try again?


    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong????

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    Re:upgrading kernel can't find modules

    If you want to use the RH kernel, then just use up2date. If you want to do it manually, why not download the kernel tarball of your choice, and compile it yourself? I'm not quite sure on RH's way of upgrading a kernel via RPM, but it doesn't look pretty from what I'm seeing.

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