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Thread: Internet Installation

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    Re:Internet Installation

    I forgot to mention that this computer also have a NIC card installed and I was asked to set it up during installation of Debian, which I did. Since the NIC is not really connected to anything, would this cause my modem not to work?

    Instead of using pppsetup, Debian use pppconfig to configure the modem.

    I did an ifconfig to view ppp0 and it show the inet addr:, I guess this is the isp ip address, which is using dynamic.

    Anymore ideas/suggestions?

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    Re:Internet Installation

    Weither the NIC is connected or not should have no effect on the modem.

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    Re:Internet Installation

    what tool are you using to make the ppp pap/chap connection? IE, wvdial?

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    Re:Internet Installation

    I don't have any problems connecting with Windows. Using Debian, I use the commandline dialer, pon & poff, as Root, everything seems to be working except I can't ping a site using the IP address or a name address. It's not sending or receiving any data.

    This is all a base installation, I don't have any GUI stuff yet.

    This is kinda strange. I finally got a DVD/CD drive I can install it and do a reinstall of Debian using CD disc, but I don't understand why this is not working.

    Anymore Suggestions/ideas?

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    Re:Internet Installation

    I finally got the dvd/cd drive installed but put Slackware 9.0 on the box instead of Debian. The modem is working fine now using KPPP to dial.

    I had the Debian Sarge cd instead of Woody and the Sarge installation wouldn't pickup the dvd/cd drive so I had to scratch it and put Slack 9.0 on.

    Slack looks pretty good since the last time I used it, version 8.0 and all is well so far. I may reinstall Debian 3.0 in place of Slack even though I like both distros, I'm beginning to lean more & more towards Debian as my main distro.

    Just some thoughts!

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