For those of you RH users out there who also happen to be fans of GTK2 apps you really owe it to yourself to give this repository a try.

Right now I'm running Gnome 2.3.x and really enjoying it. You can expect to find some really nice improvements with his Gnome2 packages over the defualt RH ones. A few of them include:

Nautilus is MUCH faster. It also has the "snap to grid" option for icons placed on the desktop.

Newer Mozilla packages.

A very stable version of Epiphany 6.0 (esp compared to earlier releases)

The GTK2 port of many applications - the GIMP included.

Many GTK2 rpm packages I've not seen anywhere else...

I would be doing you a dis-service without stating that this repository if just for updating your distro - he doesn't usually include security fixes and not all packages are stable. I've had really good luck with most of his packages but a most of what's in there is of the Gnome 2.3 (ie, developement stuff) variety so you might not be as lucky as I've been. The beauty is you can grab as much or as little of his packages as you want. I'd definitely recommend his Mozilla and Epiphany packages though. For those who haven't tried it yet - Epiphany kicks ass..

The URL is: