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Thread: I get to teach an OS class!

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    I get to teach an OS class!

    The community college I work for (non-instructional) has asked me to teach the Operating Systems class this fall. When I took it many years ago, it was basic command line only Linux.

    Now, the class is supposed to be DOS, Win9x/NT/2k/XP, Mac OS 9 and OS X, and some Linux.

    Should I make the push and try to get some *bsd stuff thrown in? Just for grins, I downloaded the FreeBSD iso today and its fairly easy transitioning over from Linux. Is there enough of a difference to matter between Linux and *bsd, or will it just end up confusing the students more and more?

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    Re:I get to teach an OS class!

    Just teach Linux... there's no need to teach BSD also if it's a command line class.

    And by <insert deity here> don't waste time explaining Wintendo..

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    Re:I get to teach an OS class!

    I offered a OS class as my last clace for my job. It was gunna be linux, but there was no interest nobody ever came. It was because we advertised to a town of less then 1,000 people who are are hicks, i think.

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