Hello everyone.

Well, I am starting this thread because I want some feedback on a few distros. I'm not looking for a distro, I just wanted to hear some experiences with some distros, advantages, disadvantages, liks, dislikes etc...

I'll start by listing some of the distros i've used, what I've liked/disliked etc...

This is in no particular order:

Red Hat 7.0 -- First experience with Linux...fun, learned
Red Hat 7.1 and 7.2 -- learning more...liked 7.2 best at this point

Debian 2.2 (something) -- install was ugly, but package was nice
Slackware 8.0 -- liked it a lot...fun distro
Slackware 9.0 -- even better than 8.0...fun stuff

Red Hat 7.3 -- favorite Red Hat release so far...
Red Hat 8.0 -- cant stand it...too much like windows, seems slow to me

Mandrake 9.1 -- trying it out tonight...seems nice, although seems 'heavy', I need more time with it

What I like when I use linux...
I like a 'light' type of setup...meaning, I do not like KDE or GNOME as I feel it is way to resource intensive. Reminds me of Windows. I usually use something like Blackbox or Window Maker...
Plus, i've used the following:

FreeBSD 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8 -- 4.8 really nice
OpenBSD 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3
NetBSD 1.6.1 -- you can get this to run on a toaster!

Anyways, Mandrake seems to remind me a bit like Red Hat. However, one thing i've noticed is that Mandrake seems to get package updates quicker than Red Hat...for instance, i found a samba 3.0 alpha release package for Mandrake...(the cooker)

Here is a quick Q: Is there much difference between Red Hat and Mandrake? They seem very similar. Is one more suited than the other for certain setups?

With that in mind, anyone want to share their experiences?

Also, something else I thought about just now...

Being that I use Red Hat at my work (our servers at this point, are all Red Hat 7.3 and we have a couple of *BSD servers...)

This may start a flame war, but that is not the point. What I was curious about is, between Red Hat and Mandrake, is either of these two distros more suited for a Company network? Meaning, does one of these distros have a upper hand at all in being used in Company networks?

I know RH has a lot of push to be used for company networks as well as web servers, mail and DNS servers...

What about Mandrake?
Would one or the other be better to use for a "Professional Growth" type of setup? I mean, would using one be more beneficial to use in fine tuning your skills for Linux use in the IT World?

Anyone care to tackle this?